diy soap dispenser

Set of white bathroom accessories with black labelling

I got this set of bathroom accessories for my birthday and I thought it´s cute but I still wanted to brighten it up somehow. When I googled “soap dispenser” I came across these beautiful pieces by house doctor. So I thought I would try to copy the look. I bought some porcelain paint from Idee creativ markt, a german chain for craft supplies. I´m sure you can find paint like that in similar shops all around the world. And with the help of some old brushes and even better a simple toothpick I applied the paint to the items. Be careful since it dries up quickly and will remain waterproof, so don´t mess it up. After three days it should even be dishwasher safe. Oh all the fantastic diy ideas that come to my mind….

This is what you need:

a set of bathroom accessories or at least a soap dispenser

porcelain paint (around 3 Euros)

a toothpick and/or some old brushes, depending on the design you´d like to try

And most importantly: a steady hand.

On the right picture the soap dispenser by house doctor that inspired me to do the diy you can see on the left.


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