How to create a gallery wall

Art posters and photographs in different frames.
Art posters in frames of different shape and size on a white wall combined to a gallery wall.
The results of my efforts: my personal gallery wall.

I recently moved to Berlin. Even though it´s harder than expected to get used to the city and adjust to my new life, I am completely in love with the new flat. It´s big, it´s bright, it´s cozy and I love all the new possibilities to decorate and style, coming with the freshly painted white walls, the big windows and the warm oak parquet. All those years I´ve spent in small rooms of shared flats, I was dreaming of a home exactly like this. During the last couple of weeks I tried to decorate every corner of the apartment, breath life and my personal style into it until it meets my expectations. Yesterday I finally decided to pierce these virgin walls, put some nails in them and create an artsy gallery wall displaying some of my favorite posters. I sat down in front of the white wall, took all my frames from the storeroom, digged out my collection of art posters and searched various magazines for art and interior design to find interesting motifs. With a little planning, measuring, locating and relocating, I managed to attach everything to the wall. With a huge smile on my face!

Here are some tips on how to create your own gallery wall:

  1. Let others inspire you! Pinterest, Instagram, or even museums and art exhibitions. There are so many ways to find creative ideas that stimulate your own creativity.

  2. Take your time! Don´t rush it, a rich and personal collection of posters, photographs or paintings you love can not just be found at your next ikea store or some kind of online-shop. Every time I visit an art exhibition (and that happens quite frequently but definitely not often enough) I spend an eternity in the small museum shops to go through all the posters and postcard. Often you can find posters from older exhibitions for only a few euros or even for free. I also keep all the pretty brochures of the exhibitions, they are sometimes folded little posters. Great motifs can also be found in magazines. I have a huge collection of fashion and interior design magazines, I was never able to throw away.

    Art posters and photographs in different frames combined to a gallery wall.
    These are the pictures I picked.
  3. Become creative yourself! Swing the brush, or the pencil, the camera or the image editing program of your choice. You don´t need to be a second Michelangelo to create something beautiful. Your very own self-made work brings a personal touch into your gallery wall.

  1. Plan ahead! At least organize all of the pictures, lay them on the ground, look at them from the distance. If patience is your virtue, you can draw the dimensions of the frames on wrapping paper, cut them out and attach them to the wall to make sure everything fits and works well together before you hang up the actual pictures.

Rectangles of cardboard hanging on a white wall to help arranging a gallery wall.
Rectangles of cardboard in the sizes of the frames I´m going to use.

      5. Get a helping hand! Attaching the pictures to the wall is much easier with 4 hands.

  1. Use the right tools! Spirit level, pencil, measuring stick, hammer. Make sure you have everything you need within reach. Accurate measuring and thoroughness means better results.


Different art posters combined to a gallery wall with wooden bench and magazines on the floor.
Now my favorite spot in the living room.

Art posters in black and white frames building a gallery wall.


Small wooden bench with pillow, magazines and mug. Art posters hanging on a wall above to create a gallery wall.
Even the tiny vintage bench I found on the internet has a purpose now.




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