black and white

I love black and white things, whether it is clothing or interior objects, architecture or even animals. Black and white things catch my eye and quickly win my heart. I have never been very satisfied with my interior and clothing style but since the dark (and light) side caught me, I finally found my approach. I still think that colors can be incredibly beautiful, but you have to mix them in the right way, pay attention to different shades and the way you use and combine them. With black and white everything is plain and clean and I feel less distracted. This is an ode to black and white!

Photographs from top to bottom 

1. Street art in Brussels
2. Traffic island in Wroclaw
3. Street art in Kreuzberg, Berlin
4. Sacré-Coeur in Paris
5. European Commission in Brussels
6. Kiosk in Ixelles, Brussels
7. Cycle path Riensberg, Bremen
8. Street art in Horn, Bremen
9. Entrance to a house in Ixelles, Brussels[/lightgrey_box]



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