How to create a gallery wall

Art posters and photographs in different frames.

I recently moved to Berlin. Even though it´s harder than expected to get used to the city and adjust to my new life, I am completely in love with the new flat. It´s big, it´s bright, it´s cozy and I love all the new possibilities to decorate and style, coming with the freshly painted white […]


diy leather key dish

Three handmade leather key dishes in different shapes and colors

I recently moved to Berlin and therefore went through all my stuff hoping I would manage to declutter my huge collection of crafting materials. I got rid of a few things, rearranged some others and I´m currently working on an inspiring and well organized workspace to write, craft and sew. More about that later! So […]


diy soap dispenser

Set of white bathroom accessories with black labelling

I got this set of bathroom accessories for my birthday and I thought it´s cute but I still wanted to brighten it up somehow. When I googled “soap dispenser” I came across these beautiful pieces by house doctor. So I thought I would try to copy the look. I bought some porcelain paint from Idee […]


diy leather and glass vase

Leather and glass vase diy

I recently went to London with some friends for some fabulous days of shopping, eating, sight seeing and a whole lot of photographing (more about it soon). Every time I travel to a different country, I try to buy a magazine about interior design as a souvenir. Mainly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these magazines […]


black and white

I love black and white things, whether it is clothing or interior objects, architecture or even animals. Black and white things catch my eye and quickly win my heart. I have never been very satisfied with my interior and clothing style but since the dark (and light) side caught me, I finally found my approach. I […]


potatoes with vegetables and mozzarella

Potatoes with veggies and mozzarella

Another one of my favorite dishes, that I simply can´t keep from you. It is super easy, super delicious and made from left-overs. I was always more of a pasta enthusiast but I recently got into potatoes. Less calories, valuable minerals and trace elements and like pasta, they go with pretty much everything. [lightgrey_box] This […]


pasta with lentil-sauce

Pasta with lentil-sauce and vase with white flower on a table.

This is one of my favorite dishes and it totally fits my healthy/gym addict/almost vegetarian lifestyle (okay, let´s be honest, I cheat a lot but at least I try). This is some kind of self-created vegetarian bolognese. It tastes delicious and contains a lot of fresh and healthy ingredients. Especially lentils are real superfoods. They […]


favorite of the month

Bay Keramik vintage vase with flowers arranged on a drawer with magazines

This beauty was the very first piece of my vintage pottery collection. A friend of mine bought it for me at a bazaar in a local church more than 10 years ago, before I even knew the word vintage. Thank you Lilith for getting me hooked so that every shelf in my flat is loaded […]